Bisexual Man Claims Dating Men Is Better Than Women!

Bisexual Man Claims Dating Men Is Easier!

Is This The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes?

#FIGHT! Let’s speak of dating horror stories for a moment: Upon my arrival in Los Angeles, I had the cutest, slinkiest shorts which made my rear look phenomenal…then, I get into my date’s car. Immediately, he groans: He’d made a reservation at a fancy restaurant where shorts on men weren’t acceptable. He made a fuss about canceling and we went to some hotel restaurant in lieu, but that’s really all on him for not mentioning anything. If you’re going to a 5-star restaurant; don’t let that be a surprise for a first date!

Now, imagine factoring all of these into heterosexual dating. I’m friends with arguably more women than men: I’ve seen my girlfriends get things handed to them – like, even a gift upon their arrival at a restaurant. They get a reward just for making attendance! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten flowers or anything upon simply showing up. Does this make heterosexual men more romantic – or are they trying to make up for something? Pressure by society? What is it?

Yes, it’s a ton of fun to go out on dates with various people you’ve met. It’s even more fun imagining your would-be relationship, but let’s be honest: Same-sex dating can be complete hell! There’s always the back-and-forth of who will pay, a comfortable with public display of affection, what activity to do, and apparently, even what to wear! While the straights can complain all they want, as can the LGBTQ community, I firmly believe gay people have it a little easier when it comes to dating. There isn’t necessarily a need to showboat or be dramatic. We save the drama for flash mob marriage proposals.

According to The Daily Mail, one 32-year-old male, bisexual New Yorker admits he prefers dating men over women, because it’s “easier and cheaper”. The unnamed man goes on to tell while he does enjoy his dates with men, he feels the need to work out and keep up his appearance more since the gay community is shallow. Also, he’s found himself more likely to be ghosted – you know, someone who disappears without a reason – by men. He likens to the men to not being able to commit to relationships for why he has yet to have something serious. Well…I’m sure a lot of us can agree!

Daily Mail’s article was inspired by the bisexual man’s daily diary which was released on The Cut. The unidentified man seems to be into men more than women in general, but definitely closeted to his coworkers and family. He seems highly motivated by sex, which seems to be much easier to get in the LGBTQ community. I think the man wants to get off more than he wants to fall in love, or even date.

Honestly, dating – even being a narcissistic, bisexual man – is complicated in general. Relationships equalizes all communities the same as nature. We’re all united by hookups, bad dates, flings, and long term relationships. There is no winning gender when it comes to dating. We’re all pretty much wandering around wet and googly eyed.

Do you believe dating men is easier than women?

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5 thoughts on “Bisexual Man Claims Dating Men Is Better Than Women!”

  1. Did you read the Cut article?

    Did you read the Cut article? It looks like you just read Daily Mail's interpretation of the Cut article, wrote your own article about dating for gay men, and then wrote a loose report so your personal story had relevance.

    And you completely watered down the Cut article which was this intimate diary post from a man who's confused with dating and (spoiler) ends up thinking he should try dating women again. 

    Don't get me wrong, your story and opinion could have been interesting if you'd talked about the Cut piece first and then got into your own personal story. I mean, your title says, "Bisexual Man Claims Dating Men Is Better Than Women!" (which btw, was only a single sentence in a multiple page story) but you only talk about that Cut piece in four sentences (10 if you count the rewording of Daily Mail's rewording of Cut's story).

    I don't want to be that angry anonymous commenter (too late), but this was such lazy writing! I'll say this though. Because of you, I now know about the Cut article and its Sex Diary series. So thank you. But everything else about this article is embarrassing.

    • Just reread your article

      Just reread your article (making sure I'm not being an ass for no reason) and reread this line, "He seems highly motivated by sex, which seems to be much easier to get in the LGBTQ community. I think the man wants to get off more than he wants to fall in love, or even date." 

      That proves you didn't read the Cut article. The man says that he has a low-sex drive (to the point that he once thought he was asexual) and that he's looking for intimacy, which is why he's so bummed when his dates don't work out.

      I'll stop ranting, but seriously. Read before you write.

  2. Not all gay men appreciate

    Not all gay men appreciate someone showing up in booty shorts to a first date. I would have been more honest with you and told you I won't be seen in public with someone who insists on making a spectacle of themselves, rather than his lame excuse that the restaurant had a dress code. 

    • Why can’t it be both? As you

      Why can’t it be both? As you said, I too wouldn’t be caught seen with someone that feels the need to be a spectacle. However, I’m not unlikely to make a reservation at a restaurant with a dress code, as I’d be making it under the assumption the person with whom I want to date doesn’t have a ridiculous wardrobe. That said, I’d still inform him about where we were dining, so they may dress accordingly. 


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