Bishop Makes His Acting Debut As “Big Daddy” In ‘AHS: NYC’

Perhaps the most fitting character name for an actor, in Hollywood history. I’m sure this isn’t Matthew William Bishop’s first time being called “Daddy” either. The former corporate executive has made his acting debut in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: NYC as “Big Daddy”.

Oh Mr. Murphy, aren’t you always just ahead of the curve. Bishop’s character within the show made his debut in Episode 7 of the latest AHS installment. His character gives S&M vibes, as his wardrobe consists of a black leather mask, harness, chains, pants and boots. Tall, muscular and intimidating — the mysterious Big Daddy terrorizes and torments (gay) New Yorkers. Lurking in popular gay cruising spots, the character stalks and hunts his prey, eventually committing acts of violence against them.



So far, here’s what we know about Matthew William Bishop. He plays for our team. In a Valentines Day post dated February 14, 2021 — the actor posted a sweet image of himself and chef/restauranteur Georges Mokbel captioned “Happy Valentines Day.”

Based out of New York City, Bishop is also a bodybuilder (you don’t need 20/20 vision to see that). Prior to his acting debut, he worked in corporate public relations for 10 years, most recently as Vice President of Edelman (an advertising agency). His Instagram feed also lets us know that he’s not shy at all, with tons of pictures of him shirtless and confidently baring it all in speedos.

I’m certain that this is just the beginning for Matthew William Bishop’s journey in entertainment. Bravo’s head gay in charge, Andy Cohen — already tapped him for an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. We’re looking forward to your next role Big Daddy!

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