Black Gay Couples Are Championing The Don’t Rush Challenge

Screenshots via Instagram @logicallovers & Facebook @RichardSeigler-Carter and @JeremeySailes

Watch #BlackBoyJoy and #BlackGirlMagic at work!

Over the past month or so, you may have scrolled past the Don’t Rush challenge. The latest challenge to take over social media shows people making quick transformations from everyday/indoor clothing to their Sunday’s best. But something I’ve been noticing lately is just how much queer black people are thriving with this challenge.


Let’s be real, trends and online challenges are often created by black or queer folk before becoming mainstream. Then the faces behind the trend tend to change. But with the Don’t Rush challenge, it seems queer black folk are standing front and center. As stars. And when you look at the videos below, you’ll see what I mean. In fact, forget the foreplay. Just look at the Queer Black Boy Joy version posted by Jeremey Sailes.

But as much as that video’s been going around in the past few weeks, that wasn’t the end of the magic. In fact, Black lesbian lovers jumped into the mix through the below viral video. Shout out to the lovely ladies, studs, and non-binary people over at @logicallovers for making this fantastic video.


And as sweet as those two videos are, it’s the third on this list that really made me swell up with pride. Black gay love is true, sweet, and satisfying, but Black gay parenthood is more perfect than words can ever define.

Richard Siegler-Carter joined together with other Black gay dads to represent fatherhood within the cross-section of the black community and the queer community. And honestly, I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. Why don’t you join me by watching the video below?

Thank you to all of the people who participated in the three above videos and similar ones gravitating around the internet. Representation matters and it doesn’t always have to be on Hollywood’s shoulders. You are all doing your part just by living, breathing, and being the fine and fantastic people you are!

Again, thank you.

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