‘Black-ish” Opens Up The Anti-Gay Baker Can Of Worms And Gets Heat From Conservatives.

For me personally, the whole anti-gay cake thing was a moot point.  If I wanted a god damned f*&*ing gay cake, I'd make it myself. Learn how to bake, people! 

I understand. Not everyone is so culinarily inclined and hey, it's discrimination.  Finding an adequate baker to make a rainbow-rific cake was a struggle in 2016.

"Black-ish" shows us that the battle might not be over.  With a baby on the way, Dre (Anthony Anderson) and Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) Johnson seek out a baker that will make them a gender reveal cake.

There's some banter back and forth and it seems like the baker finally understands the Johnsons' poorly worded request.  He states they can accommodate the request, but follows up with … well just watch and see.




"We can bake any kind of cake you want. Oh! Just as long as it's not for a gay wedding."

I've always said I would do what Dre and Bow did next … they take their business elsewhere. Seeking out the right baker and one that does not discriminate against friends of Dorothy, they find one only to find out his reply to the discrimination question is "Do not like French-Canadians."

It's a good clip but I do have two issues with it. 

First of all I am American, but my heritage is French Canadian.  I won't be going to that baker!  I was forgiving of that jab, but apparently others did not. 

[One] conservative punditNewsBusters‘ Lindsay Kornickseems to have not only missed the point, but also not realized who the show is for.

At first, she wrote, “Hmmm, so apparently it’s ok to discriminate against people for who they are (French-Canadian) but not what they choose to do (go against the biblical form of marriage).” Well, um, no. But I’ve covered that already. Let’s move on.

“At least the episode took the radical position that private business owners can serve or not serve whomever they like,” she says. “With customers free to simply take their business elsewhere. Hey, maybe people CAN learn something from this show after all.” – themarysue.com


Crap. I agreed with a conservative pundit.  But then again, what are we doing now?  Aren't we flocking to stores that don't support Trump, and not buying products that may be tied with their family name?  We have the right to choose to give our money to the right people.

Second, I'm very glad they took their business elsewhere.  We need more LGBT allies helping to fight for our causes, humanity.  The issue I have (the first one wasn't serious) is that if they didn't have the slip of the tongue and talk about "sex cakes," they may have never found out the baker was a homophobe. They found out he was a bigot by mistake.

The second point may be a little hypocritical of me to say, making both of my issues moot.  It may be hypocritical since I don't remember the last time I asked a business owner if they were racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic.

Do you remember the last time you looked for the LGBT stamp of approval when you went shopping?

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h/t:  ABC, themarysue.com


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