Black Stallions, Pirate Booty, Leather Farmers & More Halloween Hunks

Sharing some of our favorite Instagram posts this week…Writer_Red (above) went full-on pirate for Halloween, and there’s no question as to where he keeps his “booty.”

Speaking of booty, Ricky Martin had to work this weekend as he shook his bon-bon for Orlando:

Thai was giving you true ‘black stallion’ – can you say “giddy up?”

Rogan O’Connor served up his beefy take on Freddie Mercury:

Chicago school teacher Gabe gave in and rocked a gorilla onesie for his students:

Thiccdad_, Antony Tran, Antonio Ricardo and Enderbendr brought ‘Sailor Moon’ anime to life:

Event promoter Seandon got his kilt on with a Scottish frame of mind:

Bremen Menelli is the Halloween barista of our dreams:

Christopher Cragg went high-end horror for the holiday:

Designer Anthony Varrecchia and his man Mark Fraser donned leather overalls, so… ‘farmers by Tom of Finland?’

Jean Paolo Di Lorenzo is all kinds of royal as an Arabian Prince:

Andre Chandler plans on “sailing” through the holiday:

Jim Newman celebrated being a bit ‘extra’ for Halloween:

Blogger Michele had no budget for dressing up after buying his Balenciaga sunglasses:

Hunter Harden brought the fur to Friday the 13th’s ‘Jason’ and we were not afraid:

And Julian Torres makes sure our Halloween has its share of sexy horny horned devils:

When they nail that sexy EMT Halloween costume – amiright?

Nurse Joe Putignano (and ex-Cirque du Soleil performer) put on his own special locker room show:

And when you look like Shomari Francis, you don’t need a costume – just that smile:

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  1. An ounce of skin and suddenly it’s genius, amazing, the hottest evaaaaarrrrr! So damn basic.

    Sometimes I really hate being gay.


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