Blake McCoy – New NBC Correspondent Keeping Me Up.

As I returned home from dropping off a friend at the airport, I debated going back to bed or tuning into NBC's TODAY Show.  I had heard there was snow in New England, where my friend was flying back to and where my parents live. 

Turning on the TV, I was greeted by the hunky and Movembery Matt Lauer introducing Al Roker who quickly turned the baton over to Blake McCoy. 

Hello Blake McCoy.  Yes, I'll pay attention now.




What a pleasant surprise to keep me up this morning.  Blake has been with NBC news since last year, but we weren't formally introduced until this AM.  In a report from from October 28, 2015, we learned of Blake's move to NBC.


KARE-TV’s Blake McCoy is leaving the station for a job at NBC.

McCoy is joining the network as an NBC News correspondent. Starting in mid-October, he will be reporting for a variety of NBC outlets including “NBC Nightly News,” the “Today” show and MSNBC. He’ll be based out of the network’s Los Angeles bureau.

“This wasn’t really on my radar until recently when it became an option,” McCoy said. “I planned on staying in Minnesota much longer because I have great friends here, a great life here and KARE is really a fantastic place to work. When the opportunity presented itself, it was too good to pass up. The nice thing is, it’s still NBC so I’ll still be on KARE. I’ll just be on different shows.”

McCoy, who grew up in Las Vegas, has been with KARE, an NBC affiliate, since 2012, working on the anchor desk and as a reporter.

“Being on the West Coast, I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot of natural disasters, wild fires and probably some entertainment news as well,” said McCoy, 30, about what he might be reporting on. “I’m just excited to travel and go where the big story is. That’s a really great opportunity that not many people get.” –


We also saw him report on this same storm earlier as it was in the Midwest before hitting the Northeast.





I was up, alert, and intrigued, or maybe obsessed. Let's go surfing!  Heading over to and, I found the lovely Blake McCoy and the following pics. Click on images for a larger view.


It was good to see he voted!

He's polite and waves … and that smile!

Geeky and fit. I'm sold.

He has fun with friends, even the competition, Gio Benitez from ABC (second from right).

Creative and funny.  Sold again!

Serious, this is news.


G to the Q.

Puppy love




Channeling a little bit of Channing Tatum here.

Looking good at his new home.

So now I will need to bounce back and forth between Gio Benitez on ABC and Blake McCoy on NBC.  I could think of worse places and people to bounce between. 

We're watching you guys. Keep up the good work. Don't worry Matt Lauer, we will keep watching you.


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