Blake Mitchell Goes Shirtless at American Apparel Party

Blake Mitchell, who we recently named one of the 10 Most Influential Gay Porn Stars of the 2010's, wants you to know two things: he's "coming for you" and he likes to attend events without his shirt on.

The multi-talented performer, who has been busy promoting his first book called His Own Way Out (he's currently doing a signing tonight in Kentucky), also stopped by a party for clothing line American Apparel the other night. It happened at Hollywood hotspot No Vacancy.


Thanks so much for having me @americanapparelusa !!

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Sure, him posing with his shirt on is always cute (I mean… look at him), but he took it an extra step further by taking his top off during the party.


I’m coming for you…

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The caption read as "I'm coming for you." Wonderful, splendid, neato. All of those words work for that particular statement. Does this mean a career in fashion could be added to everything else he is already doing?

Something we also hope to see him shirtless at is the 2nd Annual 2018 Str8UpGayPorn Awards, taking place on October 21st. He was one of the big winners last year, but sadly isn't nominated this time around. Regardless, his sexy brain and body should definitely be there, as the studio he has worked primarily with, Helix, is up for a bunch of awards. Cheers. 



2 thoughts on “Blake Mitchell Goes Shirtless at American Apparel Party”

  1. OMG What the hell is with

    OMG What the hell is with Instinct??  Every few days they post a different article about this guy.  Either this porn star is giving this site kickbacks or someone at Instinct is obsessed with him and trying to make him more meaningful than he really is. Either way, enough! 

  2. I wish I found him

    I wish I found him interesting and attractive, but no. Seems like a whiny twink who needs constant attention.


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