Blake Mitchell Thinks ‘SNL’ Star Pete Davidson is Packing

Popular gay porn star Blake Mitchell suggested quite a "massive" thought on Twitter yesterday when it came ot SNL star Pete Davidson and the alleged size of his member.



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Pete has been the name on everyone's lips (not his supple ones, unfortunately) over the past two weeks as he is now officially the boyfriend of pop star Ariana Grande. The two have been showing their love for one another on social media since word got out that they were an item. Awe. 

Blake, who has quite the hilarious Twitter account to begin with (follow him here), decided to first chime in on a question that Ariana asked yesterday.


The question was a simple one:

Here's his response:


His followers were quick to confirm that his answer was right shortly after he posted it.


One follower in particular started the conversation around Pete's supposed "size", saying:


Then, Blake placed a bet on how big he really thinks Pete is:

Blake might be on to something, as Pete revealed that he can't wear normal boxers during a segment with Queer Eye star Tan France back in March. You be the judge.



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  1. The Queer Eye segment, and Pete referring to not liking boxer briefs was describing his balls only. There was no reference to the real meat in this matter. This reference was clickbait!


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