‘Blocks Of Desire’ – New Board Game Adds Spice To Mundane Sex Lives

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A friend recently asked me, “Have you ever noticed there’s a real lack of quality adult products for gay couples while the heterosexual community has access to a range of different stuff?” Until that moment, I actually had not thought of that. But as I pondered more about it, I realized, yes, there are some items out there for the boys, but nowhere near as many options in this space for those who identify as LGBTQIA+.

Even that weird fleshlight thing, though popular, is made in the female form. Yes, gay men use it, but it somewhat misses the mark.


This pressing world issue prompted me to take a little internet adventure to explore how specifically gay relationships can benefit from including adult products, toys, and games. Much like their heterosexual counterparts, gay men in relationships might sometimes like to spice things up too in the bedroom …or wherever, but the product possibilities out there mostly seem overtly hardcore when sometimes guys want something a bit more thoughtfully provocative.

A barrage of basics —purple and assorted big phallus sex toys -Adobe

I continued in my internet research, delving deeper down the rabbit hole of raunchiness. I made my way through a barrage of things that could be inserted, some that vibrated — and some that did both at the same time. 

Mostly everything out there seemed porn-related and catered to our basic instincts. So I wondered, where is that sexy couples-product designed to stimulate our bodies and our mind. Then, I stumbled upon a headline on a website called ‘Blocks of Desire,’ asking,


“What kind of Top Are You?”  

Mmmmm, I was intrigued by this new board game for gays. And I really perked up at the suggested paraphernalia needed to play along; among them: your favorite sex toy, lube, ice cubes, blind fold and a whip!

Ouch …. but mmmmm…


According to its creator, Blocks of Desire has helped hundreds of gay couples to deepen their connection and bring their love lives to a whole new level by adding more spontaneity and fun to their everyday sex lives. It combines adventurous sex moves, romantic questions and wooden Jenga-esque pegs, all culminating together with the unrelenting enjoyment of a board game.

Blocks of Desire as a brand is proud to support LGBTIQ+ causes and their mission is to create a product line with a particular focus on mental health and wellness.  So walk on the wild side with your special someone, answer some naughty questions, and play with some wood …all in the name of love.

Check out Blocks of Desire and have fun boys!


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  1. Love this, will be ordering 3 , 2 for two of my gay friends & 1 for the white elephant at my other gay friends Christmas party this year. Wooo.


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