Blogger Gets Caught Faking Activism For Attention

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Clout Chasing Knows No Bounds As A Los Angeles Woman Fakes Cleaning Up The City For Likes

This entire week has likely left all of us fatigued and exhausted. In many cities, we’re going through an array of emotions involving the tragic murder of George Floyd, rioters looting businesses and burning some, and constant debates and activism on social media between friends and family that may have unmasked beliefs we didn’t previously know of. While #BlackoutTuesday reached globally in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, there is still plenty of work to be done in major cities who have been affected by mass violent protests. While putting a black box on Instagram is easy to act like you’re participating, there is still much work to be done all around. One act of kindness you can do is walk around the neighborhood hit hardest by rioters and try to clean up the area as a good Samaritan. An endless amount of people chose to use their energy and time to do this without clout chasing, but one particular young woman decided she was going to do the bare minimum and was caught on camera.


According to Insider, a Los Angeles based Blogger, identified by social media detectives as Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin – who in a since deleted Instagram biography allegedly claimed she is “Chasing the facts [with Fiona],” was caught on camera faking activism. It’s not just pretending to help, it’s that we all know what this woman was about to do with her photo opportunity. She found a Hispanic man using a drill to board up a storefront in Los Angeles. She and her unidentified boyfriend, who she deems a “boyfriend of Instagram” in the video after photographing her, pulled over in their vehicle after seeing someone fixing up the neighborhood. Like a sly fox, Moriarty-McLaughlin holds a power drill, acting as if she is helping, but just did it for a photo. She thanks the hardworking gentleman who allowed her to do this and immediately runs back in her car – ironically, as two young men walk by her carrying brooms as they are likely actively trying to help clean up the city. A heckler who watched the incident calls out to the Influencer versions of Bonnie and Clyde shouting “Good job guys!” as the two pull away in their Mercedes Benz.

This heinous act of faking helping to rebuild a city after the severe tensions in the last week is just, “so LA” to say the least. Moriarty-McLaughlin was clearly seeking likes and attention. While we may be used to that by now, it appears extra dirty given the circumstances. The video has gone viral with almost 2M views and has been reposted by When They See Us director Ava DuVernay, Patrick Schwarzenegger (who is demanding she be exposed), Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell, and plenty others. Moriarty-McLaughlin has since deleted her social media accounts besides her Instagram, which currently is set to private.

Do you think her photo opp was worth the backlash she’s getting? Check out the video below and let us know:



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