Blogger Is Very Clear As To How He Will ‘Handle’ His Halloween(ie).


A CLICKHOLE.COM blogger has stated his plans for this year's Halloween in a posting called, "Please, No One Come Trick-Or-Treating To My House This Year, For I Will Be Masturbating To Pornography."  Well, you get the idea on how his evening will go.  Here's an excerpt from his blog.

Great care has been taken to ensure that I am free from interruption while I masturbate. There shall be a bag of Twizzlers hanging from my fence, and from this bag you may select a strawberry twist. If there is no more candy left, do not knock on my door, because, again, I will be inside masturbating to pornography, possibly with headphones on.

I have the entire evening blocked off for numerous rounds of masturbation…

Passersby may note that my house is darkened throughout the night. This is not an effort to make my home appear spooky or scary, but rather an indication that I am in my small bedroom enjoying a wide assortment of adult films of varied styles and formats. I have the entire evening blocked off for numerous rounds of masturbation, so it doesn’t matter how early or late you arrive.

Again, to be clear:

  • Do not come to my door on Halloween.
  • All of the candy I have is hanging on the fence.
  • Help yourself to the Twizzler of your choice.
  • I will be masturbating to pornography.       –

I am not sure if this is a picture of blogger Mike Spiro's home that was posted on along with the post, but if you come across it on Winchester Ave., in South Beloit, IL, walk on by or be prepared to lend a helping hand.

To read more about his one track plans, go over to

Is this the best plan in the world? 

Our advice to Mike is to get out there and have fun!  There's plenty of time to satisfy thine self when all the ghouls and gobblins have gone home.




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