Bloody Helix Model Fight Bleeds Into Twitter

Images: Helix Studios and Naked Sword

This is a whole mess and a half.

Adult film performers Levi Rhodes, Jesse Bolton, and Eli Bennet recently had a VERY public argument. Former Helix Studios performer Rhodes got into a fight with Boton and it bled into Twitter on May 18. Then other performers joined the drama.


The online section of the argument started when Rhodes posted a picture of himself with a bloody right eyebrow, according to Str8Up (caution: site not safe for work). In the post, Rhodes claims that Bolton hit him in a fight over a cellphone charger and an OnlyFans video between Rhodes and Jesse Bolton’s boyfriend, Jax Thirio.

“When Jesse Bolton doesn’t like that you f**ked his boyfriend for content, or you grab your charger from his room,” he wrote. “Wonderful people besides that though.”


Bolton, however, then responded with a different perspective. He claims that the strike was an act of self-defense.

“I f**ked up in the act of self defense,” Bolton argued. “That child is an absolute nut job and was begging for it.”

Jesse Boton then added, “He was screaming at the top of his lungs about his charger that was supposedly in my room and then started calling me a f****t and crying? Then he slapped my in the face so I knocked his little fucking gremlin looking ass to the ground. It was a total mess that boy needs help [sic].”


That’s when Eli Bennet came into the conversation. Bennet shared his own bloody photo and claimed that Rhodes hit him on a Helix set earlier this year.

“You wanna post pictures of your eyebrow?” Bennet wrote. “Remember when you did this to me and caused me to get 6 stitches? If you don’t let me refresh I tried to calm you down from a situation and you shoved me onto the floor where I blacked out in my own blood gtfo. Learn your place.”


Things, unfortunately, didn’t stop being messy between the three. Because, they then decided to bring in the n-word. Eli Bennet shared a screenshot and video of Rhodes using the n-word and other insults in reference to Bennet.

In response, Rhodes wrote, “You’re literally the epitome of disgusting, no wonder no one wants to fuck you. Besides these old disgusting people that don’t make it worth it. At least I actually have great fans, people who actually care about me. Not just my ass which is definitely tighter than your loose ass.”


But that’s not all. Levi Rhodes used a classic excuse when called out by other social media users for using the n-word, he has black family members. More specifically, he claimed to be “blood related to African American families” and that he is “Indian, meaning browner than most.”


Afterward, another performer named Miles Pike got involved. Pike privately messaged Levi Rhodes. He then shared screenshots of the conversation, which included Rhodes doubling down on his use of the n-word, not knowing what “POC” (people of color) means, and more.

So at the end of the day, Helix performers are being messy again. And, we’re sure this won’t be the last time.

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