Bob The Drag Queen Brings Sweet Southern Charm To HBO’s ‘We’re Here’

Last week HBO’s ‘We’re Here’ made its debut, and based on the buzz, the show already seems like a bonafide hit with scores of viewers around the work. With a trio of drag badasses at the helm, Shangela, Eureka, and Bob The Drag Queen, ‘We’re Here’ is a different kind of drag makeover show in that it delves into helping people shine in celebration of their personal existence. Drag, therefore, becomes a bit like the cherry on top as the more poignant evolution is the enlightenment and embracing of their true selves. 


Recently I had the distinct honor of interviewing Shangela, Bob the Drag Queen, and Eureka about their new HBO show. On April 23rd, we kicked off the show’s debut by featuring our exclusive interview with Shangela, and now we’re super excited to share our interview with season 8 RPDR winner, Bob The Drag Queen!


CA: You won season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and New York Magazine listed you as one of the most powerful top 100 drag queens in America. I mean, that’s a significant accomplishment. That’s a lot of people.

BTD: Yeah, Lol, I didn’t realize that I was so powerful. I mean, I don’t want to question their validity because they are a magazine, so I’m just some powerful drag queen. What do I know?  


CA: But do you think you made that list, though?

BTD: Lol, Guuuurl, I don’t know. I guess some queen was just making her list of who she thought was great or powerful, and there are other drag queens as “powerful” – and I’m putting that word in quotes. Maybe it was from my performances or my advocacy work. I just happened to get lucky enough to make it onto that list.

CA: Are you originally from New York?

BTD: I’ve been living here in New York for twelve years now, but I’m actually from Atlanta. Honey, I’ve lived all throughout Alabama and Mississippi, but I think because of my attitude and the fact that I’ve lived here so long, people associate me with New York City, but I’m from the south. 


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… interview continued.

CA: Well, I want to say congratulations, “We’re Here” on HBO. The premise of the show is you, along with Eureka and Shangela, go across America, and it’s a very transformative show in which you impact the lives of aspiring drag queens, but you also influence the locals around the neighborhoods and towns as well. So was that experience like for you, going across America out of your safety zone and into these communities?


BTD: Well, actually they aren’t all aspiring drag queens. Some of them are reluctant dragqueens, Lol – once they realize all that goes into it, but then some are established drag queens also. Basically, what we do is we go into towns, and we work with locals to put on a once-in-a-lifetime one-time-only, completely unique drag shows. Some are making their drag debut, but for some other folks, it’s their first time ever performing in front of an audience.

CA: That sounds fun! Did you guys experience any pushback as you went around, you know, three drag queens wreaking havoc in small-town America?

BTD: Yeah, we had the cops called on us a few times, but for the most part, people were really lovely. I mean a couple of comments here and there like people calling us freaks or saying things like, “Wow, you know this town has changed a lot,” or “It’s getting a little weird here in Farmington,” or whatever town we were in. For the most part, people were really excited to see us and come to the show and support the local talent.

CA: That’s great, and yeah, and also being called a freak. I mean for New York City, that’s very tame. It’s like, umm sure okay.


BTD: Oh yea, lol. I was like, girl, if that’s the best you got, then keep em coming!

Check your local listing for HBO showtimes of “We’re Here”.


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