Bob The Drag Queen & Monét X Change Take ‘Sibling Rivalry’ On The Road

Separately, Bob The Drag QueenMonét X Change are absolutely legendary performers and all-around dynamic entertainers. Together on their podcast Sibling Rivalry, these two New York City hometown favorites have become titans of podcasting, and are now hitting the road for Sibling Rivalry Live! With their own individual careers continuing to thrive, getting to see these two performers chat on-stage (and give killer performances) is a rare treat for fans. I sat down with Bob & Monét to talk about the origin of their podcast, what fans can expect when they grab tickets for this momentous tour, and who is on their wish list as potential podcast guests…


Michael Cook: Initially, who came up with the idea of the podcast Sibling Rivalry?

Bob The Drag Queen: I came up with the idea to do the podcast. Monét and I were having these really fun conversations and I said “let’s just have us record them and let people hear them”. She agreed and the rest is herstory! 

MC: You discuss everything from RuPaul’s Drag Race and pop culture to deeper discussions on race and the political climate in the world today….

MXC: Yeah, it really is crazy that people are so invested, sometimes a little too invested. Often times, people will say “Bob and Monét are really angry with each other, I can’t listen anymore, this can’t be real” (laughs)! Sometimes they might get a little too invested in our thoughts and opinions and how we interact on the podcast. It’s crazy to think that these silly conversations that Bob and I would have on the phone or at home, people are really invested in, respect and value our opinions on; it is a crazy thing to think about. 


BDQ: When I hear people ask if I ever saw great things like this happening, I always saw great things for myself. Now I’m like Lizzo “It’s About Damn Time”! I’m never really shocked, but I am often in awe. In a place of humbleness with how far Monét and I have gone as drag performers. 

MC: What can the fans expect from the Sibling Rivalry tour? 


MXC: I want them to know that this is not like other podcasts where they tour and the hosts sit at the table and talk. That’s great, but that is not what Sibling Rivalry is for. Sibling Rivalry, we are giving people the full experience. Fully choreographed numbers, original music, and live music. Bob will be doing some of his own tracks, and I will be performing some of my own out of my discography. We have choreography, dancers, a creative director; this is the full experience girl. There is some podcasting as well,. but it is a full show. 

MC: After winning individual seasons of Drag Race and All Stars respectivelyyou both have gone on to accomplish so many different things in the world of entertainment. For you Bob, what was it like watching Monét get to the top two on this past season of All Stars, and truly showcase drag excellence week after week? 

BDQ: If you want to hear my unsolicited opinions with Monét not in the room, luckily for you I release them every week on The Pit Stop where you can hear all of my real opinions. As for Monét, I am incredibly proud of Monét. Monét is my favorite Drag Race queen of all time. She is a really great performer and I am always Team Monet. There are a few times where I think she should’ve won a challenge and she didn’t win a challenge, but I’m not going to stand outside RuPaul’s house and cause a scene (laughs)! I think that I don’t have an unpopular opinion there either. Monét is incredibly talented and I was thinking recently that in all of the times that I could be alive, I got to be alive at the same time as Mariah Carey. I’m also lucky that I got to be alive at the same time as Monét X Change. 

MXC: You are, you are very lucky. 


MC: Now Monét, when you see all of the amazing things that Bob is doing, from the Emmy-winning We’re Here to The Pit Stop, is it surreal for you to watch Bob changing lives literally, all over America? 

MXC: It really is. I get genuinely get happy when I see Bob doing really great things. I get excited, and I it’s like me experiencing the thing. Bob has always been brilliant, Bob has always been smart, Bob is one of the most brilliant minds that I have met in my life and I feel very confident saying that. The only thing I feel bad about is that he has to do all that with Eureka and Shangela, that must suck, you know what I mean (laughs)? 


MC: Both of you come from a spectacular and legendary time for New York City drag. Who from that era of New York City nightlife do you think would be a fantastic guest to have on Sibling Rivalry

BDQ:  Monét and I once got into this big argument with a promoter in Canada, and I would love to have him on the podcast to talk about our argument. It was probably the maddest that I have ever been at anyone in my entire life. Backstage, I was losing my shit in like, Alberta or who knows where I was. I love conflict resolution and would love to get together with that promoter and hash it out like adults. 

MXC: I know who I would like to have. I would like to have Sherry Vine’s old ass on the podcast after she shaded me in The Cook Out episode after she said that she has never seen me competitive on television. That read hurt my feelings and I want a have a moment to get that bitch back. 


BDQ: Or when she rated my food above yours…

MXC: Well, Sherry is very familiar with alcohol so that makes sense (laughs).

MC: So many people have clamored to see the two of your compete against each other and were upset that you weren’t cast together on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7. What is it like to have so many fans want to see you battle it out against each other? 

MXC: Anyone who listens to the podcast or is familiar with our dynamic knows that having us on Drag Race together would be television gold. The gold that would have been spun on #DragRace social media!…It would have been great, we would’ve reveled in it, and we would have loved it. We would have sucked all of the air out of the room though, RuPaul wouldn’t have had a chance to talk (laughs). 


BDQ: RuPaul’s Drag Race rarely do people leave Drag Race as actual enemies and are being genuinely upset with each other. It doesn’t bother me, Monét and I are very competitive and we love competing. If you are out there saying “where can we see Bob and Monét together?” we do two podcasts a week or you can come see us on this tour! You want to see Bob and Monét together, you are in luck honey, because we have a whole tour! 

MXC: I could see RuPaul critiquing one of us on the runway and the other going “well I don’t think so”. The two of us just go back and forth during the whole critiques and absolutely no one gets to talk (laughs)!


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