Bobby Newberry Makes An “Escape” To Summer Dance Floors

Already an accomplished name in the ever-crowded world of dance music, emerging pop/dance superstar Bobby Newberry has partnered up with the equally dynamic Fix Nyxx and dropped the scorching new dance anthem “Escape”. Combining sultry vocals from Newberry and Nyxx with a killer baseline, the elements work together to create a beautifully moody and anthemic summer track.  


Challenges consistently abound in the creative process of music, and the birth of “Escape” is no exception. Newberry suffered a shoulder injury which came dangerously close to shutting down production on the video entirely. Some quick adjustments to the choreography and the creative were made, and as Newberry puts it, the changes are almost seamless. “We had to adjust all the choreography and the creative. if you watch closely, I do ninety percent of the chorepography with my left arm because my right shoulder was in pain”. The final product reads like an effortless and free nightclub adventure with razor sharp choreography courtesy of Newberry, Taylor Knight and Robbie Blue. (See the full video here)

As for Fia Nyxx, her own participation in “Escape” was almost a natural fit. Nyxx just dropped her own sophomore album Red Umbrella, and has showcases a style of music that merges genres like rock and pop, with a full-on theatrical approach overall. For Newberry, the admiration is without a doubt, mutual. “Fia is passionate and rockstar glamorous with such an amazing falsetto register,” Newberry said of his collaborator. “It was really fun to vocal produce her on this record”.

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