Bobby Newberry Takes Fans For A ‘Ride’ With His New Single & Video

After choreographing music videos for everyone from Nicki Minaj to Missy Elliot, choreographer and performer Bobby Newberry is stepping out on his own with the release of his infectious new summer anthem ‘Ride’. Newberry wrote the mid-tempo track, which talks about taking chances and chasing after life’s wildest dreams. Newberry showcases his own razor sharp dance moves, with fully choreographed dancing alongside his all-male cast of dancers, and with Newberry making his first-ever appearance in an an intimate acting scene. 

Photo Courtesy-Lee Gumbs

When speaking about the meaning of ‘Ride’, Newberry’s feelings echo how so many feel about those first moments of meeting someone new and potentially special. “Sometimes it’s not about the destination but the ride you take to get there,” he explains. It’s especially true in love. “There’s nothing better than crushing on someone, getting the butterflies, feeling the magic and imagining the possibilities.”

Photo Courtesy-Micky Kurz

As for the video for ‘Ride’, it was almost as rapid fire and fast paced as the relationships all of us have been through at one time or another. “The making of ‘Ride’ was high speed, very zero to a hundred,” Bobby Newberry stated emphatically from his Los Angeles home. “We wrote the song and worked it in the studio on the same day. After that first session, I knew I had to do a full music video.” 

‘Ride’ Video Still (Courtesy of Micky Kurz)

With good reason, Newberry is profoundly happy with the finished ‘Ride’ product “The dancing is so clean. Much of it was done on the grass and it looks so amazing on film.” His biggest nerves though, came from   the kissing scene that he would be shooting. The love interest is played by his friend Joey Gentile, and Newberry admits he needed two shots of tequila to loosen up for it. “It was my first time doing a scene like that! Luckily, it was the last scene we filmed that day.”


When he first performed Michael Jackson’s ‘Remember The Time’ at a third grade talent show (complete with video choreography that he taught himself), it was probably apparent to anyone that Bobby Newberry had fallen in love with choreography. He went on to work with pop luminaries like The Pussycat Dolls & Eminem, and his work has been seen on high profile shows like Dancing With The Stars and The X-Factor, among others.



As for ‘Ride’ Newberry’s has wishes for the listeners; “I hope listeners will take a go on this ride with me,” says Bobby Newberry. “It’s a very honest track that I hope breaks down barriers. But most of alI, I hope it makes people want to dance.”

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