‘Bodies’ Stars Actor Kyle Soller As a Closeted Gay Detective

‘Bodies’ is a British crime-thriller series on Netflix, and it is reportedly the second most popular show on the streaming platform.

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It is starring American actor Kyle Soller who is portraying the character of a closeted gay detective named DI Hillinghead. ‘Bodies’ is based on British comic book writer Si Spencer’s graphic novel of the same title, and the show’s synopsis reads:


“Four detectives in four different time periods of London find themselves investigating the same murder.”

Moreover, Attitude recently released an exclusive clip from the series, showing how Hillinghead is struggling with his identity as a gay man. Set in 1890, he discovers a body and questions a photographer named Henry Ashe, who is portrayed by George Parker.

Seconds after the body appeared, Ashe appears at the crime scene. Hillinghead asks him for proof of his alibi, and eventually discovers the photographer’s gay identity during his investigation, as he looks through portraits of the East End’s queer nightlife in the 19th Century.

One of the photos shows Ashe with another man, to which Hillinghead asks:


“This man with you, he would corroborate you were with him before you found the body?”

“He could go to jail!,” Ashe responds.

Hillinghead, one the other hand, retorts:

“So why risk a photograph?”


Thereafter, Ashe attempts to make a move on him, and Hillinghead arrests the photographer for “gross indecency and unnatural acts behind closed doors.”

“Are you really so afraid of it?,” Ashe asks him.

Hillinghead fails to answer the question, and proceeds to arrest Ashe.

‘Bodies’ is now available for streaming on Netflix. You can also watch the exclusive clip and official trailer here:


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  1. It’s nice to come to gay websites and find new shows with gay characters. Thanks for pointing me to a new one. Looks very intriguing.


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