Body suits and Wet thighs become the stars.

So I just wasted about a half an hour going through youtube links and suggestions, but these are hilarious! Thanks to my friend Kevin for linking me up to these and making this a great Saturday morning.  The most epic was the one that I had to see was of Miss Brit.  How many of us were jealous of Britney wearing that red body suit in Oops, I did it again?  How many of us wanted that body suit?  She looked rocking in it, but did you know how loud it was? Thanks UPROXX.COM for posting this creation by Mario Weinerroither (his youtube site is here).

Another more recent target of Mario's humor was Sia and Chandelier.

Searching around, this trend of taking the music out and hearing what may be going naturally has been around for a while.  Here is one of PSY and Gangnam Style that had me laughing.

Back to a more recent video, here's Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. Wet thighs play an important role in this musicless offering as well as the running commentary.

Not all the video redos or undos were amazing and not all satirists were as good as others, but take a chance and do some youtube surfing  and see what you can find.

What do you think?