Bonefish Harry’s Restaurant Sticks Up For Their LGBTQ Customers

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A Tale As Old As Time Is Starting To Receive A New Ending

Alright, so by now I’m sure everyone in the LGBTQ community has known we just simply aren’t welcomed at some establishments. We’ve heard of the bakers who refuse to make same-sex wedding cakes, known places who refuse to serve LGBTQ clientele, and other times there are customers who refuse to visit an establishment because they are pro-LGBTQ. Personally, I think we focus too much on the negative of where and what we should boycott.


Speaking of: Just today, I saw a social media post where a lesbian was trying to boycott a restaurant called Langer’s Deli in Los Angeles. Allegedly, during pride weekend, the lesbian and her friend were “sharing a kiss” in the establishment and were asked to leave. It was outrageous! It was foul! They are homophobic! Let’s light our torches and rush to Langer’s to boycott! Well, this is if you ask the person telling the story. Here’s her Instagram post below:

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One can only assume this was public drunken foreplay leading to the bedroom. Same can be said for all of the people claiming they want to boycott car share services because they can’t make out and fondle one another in someone else’s backseat. Guess what: No one wants to see you slobbering all over another human being, regardless of who you love. Let’s not forget about the lesbian who lied that she was stiffed a tip at her restaurant because she’s gay. The story changes so much pending on who is telling it, so I implore you all to get facts before you throw a damn stone. Have we all not learned from the Jussie Smollett hoax?! To prove my point, of course, according to a black, lesbian employee who calls herself Duhnay on Instagram, witnessed the incident, claims the person shouting she was “kicked out of the restaurant for being gay” is not telling all of the story. Allegedly, the customer was getting way too inappropriate for a public display of affection and was asked to leave. Below is a transcribed Instagram post from Langer’s employee standing up for her employer:

“Normally i stay in my lane but i have to speak on this because this is where i work! 2 women were making out at a booth and were asked to stop. NOT ASKED TO LEAVE BUT TO STOP because the dispay was getting inappropriate! they are now saying that the space i work in is unsafe for people of the LGBTQ+ community. Mind you I have worked here for 3months with never one problem even when the owner discovered that I am married to a woman. no lude or disrespectful comments were ever made and he welcomed my wife to his estblishment with open arms. Him and I have had many dicussions about our communtiy and how to be politically correct when approaching things in our community especially with him being an older straight white male. I say all this to say that it is never okay for someone to feel offended or unsafe and it should always be addressed. But to use a moment of misunderstanding to attack a mans character and his busniess just isnt right. That is the problem with our community everyone is so quick to bash instead of using moments as a learning experience. No matter how legal and open our lifestyles are many people still dont understand and it is on us to not only normalize but shed understanding light not just hop on the first controversy train. Also, as a generation that uses social media so avidly we need to make it a point to recieve all facts before taking sides and making statements. That is why things like what happened with Jussie Smollett happen. I encourage people of the LGBTQ+ communtity to come to @langersdeli and see for yourself the kind of space it is and meet Norm Langer yourself who is always there standing on the side of the deli greeting and conversing with customers new and old. For my own community to come against my wife and I and call us bigots and facist because she is defending me and I am defending my boss and work place is ridiculous. To say i am tokenizing the fact that I am a black lesbian woman is complete malarchy because that IS what i am nothing token about. I will continue my employment because I know first hand that @langersdeli is a safe place for ALL people.”



Moving forward: One restaurant in Beverly, Massachusetts is standing up for all of their LGBTQ patrons. Bonefish Harry’s, which deems itself West Coast style tacos, tikis, and pub fare brought to New England, shared a letter they received from an angry customer. This petty customer, Owen Donaldson, threatened to stop being a repeat customer of Bonefish because they have a pride flag hanging outside their establishment. Donaldson is clearly homophobic as all hell, writing that homosexuality is a sexual behavior that “half of America declares immoral”. (Insert laugh track) Donaldson also believes supporting the LGBTQ is political. Which is odd, because I have a plethora of relatives and friends who identity as Republican and Liberal, all of whom give a thumbs up for LGBTQ rights. So, I’m not certain which political party Donaldson is talking about? Anyway, Bonefish posted the demeaning letter onto their Facebook page and shared kind words for their LGBTQ customers. The company told:

“To all of our loyal guests, today we received this letter declaring our restaurant immoral for hanging a Gay Pride flag from our restaurant in support of our fellow humans for Gay Pride Month. We consider this letter an attempt to bully us to remove our flag and to slander our business. We will not stand for this type of behavior and will never give in to these types of unaccepting bigoted people. We will always stand side by side with everyone in our community! We will continue to fly this flag and we are proud to show our support for all of our community members.”

So, that’s that. Can we please unite to stop spreading some false narratives of boycotting places and actually cheer on and support the companies who truly do support us? Happy Pride Month to everyone – but especially Bonefish Harry’s for being such a supportive and progressive business. I wish I was on the East Coast, my favorite coast, to stuff my face with some tacos. If you’re in the area, I hope you can check it out and tell me how they are!


Check out Bonefish’s original Facebook post below:

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