Boo! Life After Death with Tyler Henry is Now Streaming on Netflix

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26-year-old, and still twinkish, clairvoyant Tyler Henry returns with a new docuseries on Netflix. The 9-episode first season, Life After Death with Tyler Henry, is now available to stream in its full entirety. 

Henry first discovered his gift to commune with the dead when he was just 19-years-old. Shortly thereafter, he booked his first series on E! where he contacted the deceased loved ones of noteworthy celebrities in Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. The show ran for four seasons between 2016 and 2019.


Now Henry is one of the most popular clairvoyants in America, with an estimated waiting list of over 300,000 hopefuls. It could be due to his bubbly personality and the way he talks with the dead via imprinting through drawings or paintings that he has amassed such a huge following. Whether you’re a believer or undecided, you can’t deny that Tyler has “something” special. 

In between readings, Life After Death with Tyler Henry also focuses on the medium’s personal life and family drama. The series takes a look at his deep routed family mysteries as well as the 5-year relationship with his boyfriend, Clint. 

Tyler has none of the annoying shenanigans of Long Island Medium, so if you’re into this type of television material – give it a watch!

Sources: USA Today, Today

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  1. Saw him & his boyfriend in LA , sweet guys. It’s nice seeing gay guys with their own shows or starring in gay movies, makes my younger gay heart happy.


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