Boomer Banks Talks Fashion, Country Music, & Creating A POC Family

Boomer Banks is an adult film star, but Boomer Banks the man, the advocate, and the fashion designer is so much more. Since rocketing into New York City in his early thirties, Banks went from working in Catherine Malandrino’s flagship store to go-go dancing to becoming one of the most in-demand adult film stars in the business. Banks has taken the opportunities that he has been given and paid them forward, crafting his own businesses in areas like adult film and fashion, and continuing to make his passion for marginalized communities like trans women an overarching part of his work. I sat down for an extensive chat with Boomer, and we ran the gamut on everything in his career. From his eponymously named fashion brand to his creating the “Haus” that he truly never had to his brand new role as co-star in country singer Paisley Fields new music video, Boomer Banks continues to be one of the loudest and most needed voices in our community today. 


Michael Cook: Tell me about your work in Paisley Field’s new video. Has country music been something you have always been interested in?

Boomer Banks: I am always so honored to work with other queer artists. Paisley and director Topher Cusumano were a delight to work with, I adore them! Both the whole cast and the crew were major. Country music has been very near and dear to me. Dolly Parton, Maren Morris, Trixie Mattel, Cam, and Garth’s such a passionate genre of music. 


MC: What was your latest foray into been a music video co-star like? Interested in possibly doing even more work in front of the camera for music or film?

BB: Geez, at this point I am the queer video hoe (laughs)! I have been in videos for Cazwell, Miss Fame, Monet X Change and Big Dipper, to name a few. I was also recently featured in a Spanish track for Velo titled ‘Deseo’. I enjoy film and I am currently taking vocal lessons. I have written my first song and I am venturing into musica ya’ll; I am very excited! I wanted to do the art justice and respect that it deserves, so I started vocal coaching. 


MC: You are so much more than your work in adult film; you have crafted your own house (the Haus of Banks) similar to a ballroom family. Why was that important to you?

BB: When I started in the adult industry, I didn’t meet many, if any warm POC performers that were willing to lend helpful advice or be kind. In honor of ballroom culture, I wanted POC men to have what I didn’t. 

MC: Fashion has always been an overarching passion of yours, stemming back to your early days in the city. How does that passion live on now? Who do you find as some of your biggest fashion influences?

BB: I have my own collection now BANKKS that I started with my besties Kristina Keenan (hence the two K’s). My biggest inspiration is Alexander McQueen hands down. I admire other queer brands like Nasty Pig. I love Jonny Cota and Rick Owens. Zana Bayne is a legend, I love that woman! 


MC: Philanthropy remains a passion for you as well; who are some of the organizations you work with the most and why?

BB: Well, over the summer, I directed my attention towards BTFA Collective. I am very passionate about trans POC youth and any HIV organizations. I have lent a hand to a plethora of them and most recently, I have done work with the NYC Dept of Health. 


MC: You remain passionate about the black and trans community and the issues that they face. What is the message that you have for that community from allies such as yourself?

BB: I’m getting teary-eyed thinking about this… people say this all the time “you are not alone” but POC trans women saved my life. Growing up they were my superheroes…they continue to be. I am here for any resources that anybody might need and I will always have love, respect, compassion, and empathy for these courageous women.

(Photo Courtesy-Boomer Banks)

Message to my fellow queers: respect trans POC women: they are the reason you are allowed to pick and choose who you want to be today because they had the courage to throw themselves to mobs of hateful humans at the police, even at other hateful gays. This was sent to me on social once: “Trans struggle is not my struggle as a gay man”… I say F you! if you don’t see how their struggle is one hundred times worse but still a bit similar, then you are a selfish human.


MC: What is next for Boomer Banks?

BB: Music! More fashion, more content, more more more!

MC: How have you stayed creatively fueled and inspired in the last year when connection has been so hard?

BB: I find empowerment in dark places where most just give up. At forty years old,  my story is just beginning. I want to share my journey with POC queers and help empower them. That is what I will leave behind even if I help just one POC queer be seen and feel love.. I’ve done my job

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