Boss Fires Employee Because Of Difference On Same-Sex Marriage Vote.

Can you be fired for your social and political views? Most definitely.  Some US states are known as "at will" states.

If you are employed at will, your employer does not need good cause to fire you. In every state but Montana (which protects employees who have completed an initial "probationary period" from being fired without cause), employers are free to adopt at-will employment policies, and many of them have. The "at will" states are:

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Nebraska, New York, and Rhode Island.

So for no reason at all, you can be let go from your job.  This policy is not just in practice in the United States.  One Australian woman found out that a simple frame around her Facebook photo was enough for her to lose her job.

It began with an 'It's OK to vote No' Facebook filter and ended two weeks later, when 18-year-old Madeline was fired over her views on same-sex marriage.

In late August, Madeline, a Christian from Canberra, had publicly revealed she planned to vote no in the same-sex marriage postal survey. She was fired on Sunday via a Facebook message in which she was told "homophobic views being made public are detrimental to the business."

I remember when marriage equality passed in the United States, my Facebook feed exploded in an avalanche of rainbows.  It was blinding.  Of course I don't think too many people on my Facebook were anti-marriage equality which explains why I didn't see too many Debbie Downers. 

But we have trimmed our profile pics with many different borders in the past; for terrorist attacks in France, for Hillary, and so on.

Have you thought about how your allegiance to someone or you honoring a cause may lead to you losing your job?

Some in Australia are calling for Madeline to sue her boss Madlin for religious discrimination, which she may have a case, but she would not for unfair dismissal, as she was an independent contractor.

How did Madlin fire Madeline? By messenger, of course.

Was Madlin in the right to fire Madeline? She gos on to explain that this was not the only incident that lead to the firing. This first Image is of Madlin's original post on Facebook about the incident, and the second is her further explanation of the matter.


What do you think?  Of course we are on the side of marriage equality. 

But should someone be fired for just changing their Facebook photo border?

What about if it was coupled with not so similar views to the company's?

have you had to fire someone over their anti-LGBT views?


What do you think?