Bowen Yang and Adam Driver As a Couple?

It was a very gay holiday episode of Saturday Night Live on December 9th. The guest host was actor Adam Driver, who opened up with a dark and twisted monologue directed to Santa Claus where he played the piano and listed his Christmas wishes.

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Driver is no stranger to SNL having now hosted the NBC show four times.


One of the episode’s highlight episodes featured Driver as half of a gay couple to Bowen Yang attending a ski trip with a group of friends. During the skit Driver and Yang play a couple who reveal to their friends that they are trying to have a baby, not by adoption, not by surrogacy, but naturally.

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As the friends discover the news, Yang and Driver go on to share that they are doing what is right “for them” as a couple, leaving their friends speechless.

They go on to share more details of how they are ‘trying’ and at one point, Yang’s character says that when they’re done he puts his legs up, hangs off a bar and let’s gravity do it’s thang.


The skit also features Heidi Gardner, Ego Nwodim, Sarah Sherman, Michael Longfellow, and Andew Dismukes. The back and forth between characters is obviously a satire on how cringy stories of conception are, especially in light, friendly settings.

Maybe keep it to yourselves, folks!

If you missed the episode, here’s the full skit:


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