Bowen Yang Leads Star-Studded, Sperm-Bank Heist Podcast

Bowen Yang on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” / mage via YouTube @LateNightWithSethMeyers

Want to get up close and personal with Bowen Yang? Well, you can’t. But, you can have him talking in your ears.

Audible and Broadway Video recently announced a new slate of scripted comedy podcasts. This includes a workplace comedy called Hit Job starring Keke Palmer and Saturday Night Lives’ Pete Davidson. But, Davidson is not the only SNL star getting a podcast. Bowen Yang will be getting one as well.


According to Variety, Bowen Yang will act as the lead in Hot White Heist, a six half-hour episode series on Audible Plus. The series is created by, written by, and produced by Adam Goldman. In addition, Alan Cumming will direct and serve as a producer with Club Cumming Productions. He’ll also make a voice cameo. Then lastly, Broadway Video Enterprises president Britta von Schoeler will work as an executive producer alongside producer Mark Valdez.

But Bowen Yang isn’t the only LGBTQ actor assigned to the project. The audio series boasts a large group of queer performers including Jane Lynch, Margaret Cho, Bianca Del Rio, MJ Rodriguez, Cynthia Nixon, Peppermint, Jonathan Bailey, Brian McCook (as Katya Zamolodchikova), Abbi Jacobson, Shannon Woodward, Stephanie Beatriz, John Cameron Mitchell, Cheyenne Jackson, and Tony Kushner.

And what will Audible Plus do with all these LGBTQ performers? Well, according to Variety, the story follows “a group of LGBTQIA+ contemporaries” as they “attempt to steal the U.S. government’s sperm-bank deposits from some of history’s most brilliant minds — in the hopes of selling the genetic material on the black market to buy an island for a new queer paradise.”


Said Cumming, “I have worked for Audible as a performer and writer many times, but I’m really excited to be making my directorial debut with ‘Hot White Heist,’ Adam Goldman’s hilarious, witty, and biting script, and to be bringing together so many friends from my LGBTQ+ family to be in it!”

“It’s been a very special honor to lead the cast of ‘Hot White Heist’ and act alongside queer performers whom I’ve admired so much. The series will be a funny, caper-y thrill to listen to when it debuts during Pride 2021. I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that I am gay!” Yang added.

To access this podcast, you’ll have to subscribe to Audible Plus, a subscription service that costs at $7.95/month. Then, you can then start listening to Hot White Heist on June 17.

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