BOX Menswear To Announce New Line At Ultimate Model Party In Thailand

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BOX Menswear is heading to Thailand.

The UK-based men’s underwear brand announced that it’s hosting a 10-day party. for models and special guests.

The event will run from March 1 to the 10th all over the globe and travel to places like the UK, America, Australia and Koh Samui, Thailand.

For that last location, they plan to hold up at a 5 million dollar villa at the top of the Bophut Hills. Of course, that will be a beautiful spot for their photo shoot, which is clearly the real aim of this 10-day touring party.

On top of partying and taking pics, the event is set to launch BOX Menswear’s new line of products. These products have been kept top secret up to this point.

As Luke Mills, owner of the company, said about the 10-day event:

“This trip to Thailand is going to be bigger than ever. Myself and the team have been working so hard the past few months to ensure that everything will be perfect for our highly launch party, it’s truly exciting.”



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“The selected models and guests we have coming along are a great bunch of lads and we are so excited to announce who’s going to be joining us, we are sure our customers and fans will not be disappointed. We had a very successful 2018 and have some very big plans for 2019 with this trip to Thailand and much more.”

Veering off from the norm here, this Instinct writer has to point out that I REALLY hope BOX Menswear hires some local talent for these photos.

While looking through the entirety of BOX Menswear’s Instagram account, I could only find TWO pictures of Asian men wearing their product. That’s two in 1,059+ posts!

I’m crossing my fingers that the company doesn’t fly a bunch of muscular white models to this Asian locale without even consider hiring Thai models. Get some Thai talent please, because your Instagram account full of white men, and the occasional black man, just isn’t cutting it.

But all the same, have a fun trip.

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  1. they do realize thailand has

    they do realize thailand has the highest rates of hiv due to no safe sex practices, how about include that while there, and let people know that. start a fund to help.


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