Boxer Chris Eubank Jr. Hits Back With A Witty Clapback To Homophobia

Real men wear pink! And they also wear rainbow colored garments in solidarity. Boxer Chris Eubank Jr. had the best comeback to a homophobic boxer, Liam Smith, who tried to insinuate that he was gay.


Chris Eubank Jr. used the official weigh-in to show just how confident he was in his sexuality, by denouncing hate and homophobia. Rocking a rainbow colored armband with “captain” written on it, Chris wanted to express that he does not “discriminate” and “alienate,” — he instead stands for inclusivity.

The action was sparked after Smith made some distasteful remarks at a pre-fight press conference. The pro athletes exchanged some verbal jabs prior to their ring fight.



Eubank Jr: “You slid into my DMs. You sent me a direct message. I’m used to seeing girls in my DMs, I’m not used to seeing guys I’m about to fight.”

Smith: “You’re going on about girls, mate. Has anyone in this room ever seen you with a girl? Have you got something to tell us, really? Because you’re 33, you said on the program when you’ll have kids. For no laughs, no nothing, do you want to tell us something? You’re putting pictures up of Neymar in limousines. Do you want to tell us something?” Smith continued. “Because nobody in this room has ever seen you with a woman.”

[The sassy, pseudo macho remarks from Smith continued, to which Eubank Jr. made it very clear how he felt about the meritless insinuations]

Eubank Jr: “You’re asking me if I’m gay, you’re talking about my beard and my hair — I have a great barber, I can introduce you if you want.”

Smith: “Your barber tattooed your hair.”

Eubank Jr: “If you want to get personal with it, if you want to get dark and personal with it — talking about being gay and do I like girls — I’ve been told by multiple sources that you cheat on your wife on the occasion. So let’s just relax with the personal stuff. I’d rather be gay than a cheat, how about that.”

Smith: “You don’t got a misses to cheat on.”

-Sky Sports Pre-Fight Press Conference



Sky Sports had to issue an official apology to its viewers for Smith’s disgusting remarks. The Sun also weighed in on the fiery press conference, stating “British boxing raced back into the gutter for a dismal start to 2023 with homophobic jibes.”


Unfortunately, Chris Eubank Jr. lost the fight in the fourth round. He may have lost the battle, but in our eyes, he has certainly won the war — by having kindness, compassion and integrity!


Source: Out Sports 

*All images sourced from Chris Eubank Jr.’s Twitter account*

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