Boyd Holbrook Talks All About His Villain Character in ‘The Sandman’

Boyd Holbrook’s latest portrayal in the Netflix series ‘The Sandman’ is said to be the embodiment of anyone’s worst nightmare, and he talked all about his villainous character in an interview with Men’s Health.

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The 41-year-old actor described The Corinthian as the “patron of saints to serial killers.” In the hit fantasy series, Holbrook’s character takes the eyes of his victims, which he refers to as “collecting.”

“A processed killing of keeping things. I’m not allowed to feel anything; I can’t have any emotions. So, there’s this really dark, twisted, sense of logic, where, if I keep something of you, maybe I’ll get a sliver. You know, how food provides nutrition. That’s the way that he’s going to have a taste of that,” the actor explained regarding The Corinthian’s wicked behavior.

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He added,

“So, yeah, obviously to the pragmatic, logical person, all those things are really terrifying. But to him, I don’t think it’s anything at all like that.”

Moreover, when asked about his character’s sexuality, Holbrook responded,

“Ambiguous? Like I said, I think he’s gone through a lot of different options over the years, and he’s not afraid to try any of them. And there’s also a really fine, gray line, between what’s actually for pleasure and what’s actually for a different type of pleasure, which is seemingly near the end of the show, without saying too much.”

(c) Twitter: @Sandman_Netflix

Aside from his portrayal as The Corinthian in ‘The Sandman’ series, Holbrook’s breakthrough role on the big screen is playing the character of the homicidal Donald Pierce in the 2017 Marvel film ‘Logan.’


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