Brace Yourself Fellow Gays: Justin Theroux is a Single Man Again

Hollywood went into an absolute tailspin yesterday evening when Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced that they were separating after 2 years of marriage and several years of being together. 

OK, maybe that sounded a bit dramatic but the bigger picture here, my fellow gays, is that he is a single man again.  This gorgeous, 46-year-old specimen (who played two different boyfriends of Carrie Bradshaw's on Sex and the City) may be the sexiest divorced dude of 2018 so far.  

Don't get us wrong, we still love Jennifer even before we knew who Justin ever was, and we know damn well that none of us have a shot at him as he is a full blown heterosexual male, but we can at least fantasize knowing that he may accidentally stumble into the New York City Eagle one night. He's sports a lot of leather coats when seen out and about, so he may just fit right in with the crowd, and who knows what sort of madness will ensue.

Just kidding, again.  But for now, let's admire the beefcake and scruffiness that is the newly single Justin Theroux.  Woof, grr… and all that good stuff. 

What do you think?