Brace Yourself: Grace Sings Her Greatest Hits on W&G

Debra Messing’s comedic talents know no end when it comes to her portrayal of Grace Adler on Will & Grace.


There have been so many endless moments with Grace that have been downright hilarious to watch over and over again since the show premiered way back in 1998 (with a 9-year break in between). Her delusional singing abilities is easily one of them, and now the show’s official YouTube channel has mashed several of them together into a “greatest hits” collection of sorts.

This includes iconic “tracks” like Grace belting out “Midnight Train to Georgia” in front of Sandra Bernhard, screeching Outkast’s “Hey Ya” before her neighbors called and tell her to shut up and her rendition of “Do Re Mi” from The Sound of Music that scared a group of children away.

Watch the clip below and brace yourself ahead of time:

The latest episode of Will & Grace airs tonight on NBC, where Will discovers that Noah (the guy Grace is dating played by David Schwimmer) has a kid and promises to keep the news from her.

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