Brace Yourselves: 20 Gay Favorite Tracks That Turn 20 in 2020

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We only have about three and a half months to go until the 2010 decade will officially be no more. 2020 will hopefully be a fresh start for the LGBTQ community (let’s think about November folks) and our supporters as we continue to strive for acceptance on a global level. 

2020 also brings the realization that many of us are getting that much older given that the music that we grew up listening to, which felt like it happened yesterday, actually took place a freaking long time ago.


This first hit me personally when I did a feature on gay favorite songs that turned 20 in 2019 earlier this year. Tracks like “If You Had My Love”, “Waiting For Tonight” and many more made the list yet it still feels like I was jamming to these tracks in my JNCO jeans and orange braces only recently. Sad.

Well, brace yourself fellow millennials and people who still listened to top 40 around this time, because now there’s another group of gay classic tracks that will turn 20 years old very soon. 

2000 was an interesting year. The pop phenomenon was still well and alive but other categories, like country and adult contemporary, still founds its place on the charts. Regardless, these are all songs our fellow gay brethren grew up with and love to this day, many of which leaving a lasting impression on us all this time later.

Take a look at 20 gay favorite hits that turn 20 in, you guessed it, 2020.


Destiny’s Child: “Say My Name”

Dream: “He Loves You Not”


Savage Garden: “I Knew I Loved You”

Madonna: “Music” 


Britney Spears: “… Oops I Did It Again”

NSYNC: “Bye Bye Bye”


Janet: “Doesn’t Really Matter”

LFO: “Girl On TV”


Westlife: “Swear It Again”

Mya: “Case of the Ex”


Pink: “There You Go”

soulDecision: “Faded”


Eiffel 65: “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”

Faith Hill: “The Way You Love Me”


3LW: “No More (Baby Ima Do Right)”

Sonique: “Feels so Good”


Enrique Iglesias: “Be With You”

Blaque: “Bring It All To Me”


Toni Braxton: “He Wasn’t Man Enough”

Kandi: “Don’t Think I’m Not” 








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