Brad Pitt Was to Go on a Private Dinner with Charity Auction Winner

‘Bullet Train’ star Brad Pitt was supposed to go on a private dinner with an auction winner for charity in partnership with Global Green.


On September 6, Charitybuzz posted an auction item, and it featured a chance to have a private dinner with the Oscar-winning actor in support of Global Green and a new initiative that it is launching with him.

The supposed private dinner was to be held at one “of the world’s largest private mansions, located in Beverly Hills,” and the auction winner would have had a “one-on-one time” with Pitt, as per The Hollywood Reporter.


The winner would have been allowed take a photo with the actor, ask some questions, as well as hear about his new partnership with Global Green. And, of course, along with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes with some restrictions as well:

“[It] is not an opportunity for networking, business propositions or script submissions,” the description indicates.

After all of those detailed information, the auction ended up being abruptly closed, and it is no longer being offered. The reason for its cancelation remains unclear, but the event will still be happening as planned.


Pitt has long ties with the non-profit environmental organization, as he had partnered with them for his work in New Orleans.


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