Brandon James Gwinn & Alexa Green Team Up On A Brand New Single

For the second single from his album BULLIT, New York City’s Brandon James Gwinn teamed up with another of New York City’s best voices (and his best friend) Alexa Green, and their single ‘You’ll See’ is haunting, soaring and effortlessly stunning track, telling the story of two people deciding if they should stay together or not. The follow up to the first single from BULLIT (the raucous barroom anthem ‘Crystal Conners’) might initially look like a departure, but Gwinn feels that both songs are quite alike, especially in terms of their country themes and storytelling style. “I think both are indicative of the eclectic journey of the album as a whole,” explains Gwinn. “Much of ‘BULLIT’ is about how life and love can be beautifully chaotic, and “You’ll See” acknowledges the mess. It says “I don’t know what I can promise you and it might be a disaster, but I don’t want to leave and neither do you, so let’s figure it out.”


Shortly after Green’s run in Broadway titan Wicked, Brandon James Gwinn & Alexa Green met and immediately connected, on everything from meals to travel to countless selfies. Their friendship was instantly cemented, with their work together spanning everything from Green singing on demos for Gwinn’s music and performing in many of his readings.  “Alexa has definitely almost gotten into a bar fight for me when some drunk guy was spewing homophobic garbage,” laughs Gwinn (a queer man himself who identifies as gender fluid). 

Alexa’s expressed how when asked to team up with Gwinn on the single, she jumped at the opportunity; “When Brandon told me he wrote us a song, I was all over it,” says Green. “Brandon is my best friend. I will always sing anything he ever writes but honestly, the song is so haunting and catchy. It really speaks to me.” Of the songGreen goes on to say “The song is an anthem of faith. It’s two people on the brink of deciding which path to choose. Go forward and risk it all or end things where they are and possibly never know what could have been. Everyone wants to be in love, right? The question is; is it worth the risk?”

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