Brandon Perea from ‘Nope’ Shows Off His Marvel Ready Skills

Brandon Perea is an up and coming actor who has been gaining a lot of attention lately, and he seems quite determined to be noticed by Marvel Studios in particular. Who wouldn’t want that, to be honest?


Just recently, the 27-year-old American actor showed off his amazing stunts in a video posted on his Instagram, and he captioned it saying, “Tell Marvel I’m comin!!!” Shirtless and confident, Perea was doing multiple flips consecutively, which was quite impressive.


In fact according to REMEZCLA, the ‘The OA’ star revealed in an interview that he wants his acting career to head towards the Marvel route. “Marvel Cinematic Universe – I need to be there. I hope my performance in ‘Nope’ proves that I can play a Marvel superhero. That’s what I want in my career – 100 percent,” Perea stated.

There is no doubting the actor’s talent though, as ‘Nope’ director Jordan Peele himself was impressed by him. During his audition for the role of Angel Torres, Perea portrayed his own version of the character who was originally written as an “upbeat, happy-go-lucky tech geek” according to Entertainment Weekly.


“‘Who the hell’s happy to be working at a retail store?’ When I go in there, people are kind of depressed. They’re kind of just like, ‘Hey, what do you need? No, it’s not on sale,'” the actor shared about how he thought of his role going into the audition.

Meanwhile, filmmaker Peele found it quite amusing.

“I remember laughing so hard at his audition, and it was like, ‘No, this is the right way to go.’ The whole hope for me as a collaborator is that my actor is going to understand the character better than I can, so that I can focus on the story, and really ask and understand how they’re feeling in the moment, because all these people are really capable of putting themselves inside the role,” the 43-year-old actor and director stated.

Peele also introduced Perea at the L.A. world premiere for ‘Nope’ with a tone of pride and confidence for the actor saying, “If you don’t know his name yet, you will.” And he was indeed right about that.

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