Brandon Skeie Releases Debut Single ‘So Bad’ And It’s So Good!

The first time many of us heard of Brandon Skeie was when he released his beautiful cover of Adele's "Hello." We shared his video as well as some other tid bits of Brandon's career, pictures, and personal life in our post "Is this the male vocal of Adele's-"Hello' you've been waiting for?"

Since that release, I've been able to chat with Brandon off and on about his career, living in California, etc.  He's been looking forward to this day for a while, spending the last year crafting his own beautiful song, while working on his covers and getting his name out there.

What about that Adele cover?  I shared with him that I sat on writing about his version for a little while.  There was just so much Adele out there, but then I said, this is the male version I personally have been waiting for and had to share it with our readers.  In a recent conversation, Brandon let us know that this recent surge in attention was what he needed.  "I can actually attribute a lot of success to the end of 2015 to you.  It really gave me the push I needed emotional & socially.  You started the wildfire in my soul again basically. I was feeling down & then BOOM people started watching & listening again. Like a whole new audience."  Many different social media sites latched on to Brandon and his voice and let's face it, he's good looking, too. With attention coming from all over the globe, we hope that he becomes even more inspired by the reception of his debut song.

Ok, enough chat, here is "So Bad" by Brandon Skeie.


YouTube embed:


It's good to see that a new audience inspired him to finish his song, but what was the catalyst to write "So Bad" in the first place?

"The song is about wanting someone 'So Bad' but knowing that it is not the right time or place to be in that relationship. [It's based] on my first boyfriend and first real love."

Oh, we've all been there, but my response to my first love didn't sound like that.  My first thought and response to Brandon's song (sorry if it is too obvious) was Adam Lambert.  I really liked the production quality and Brandon's voice, its power, perfect.

I bit the bullet and mentioned the Adam Lambert reference to Brandon and his response was "I wouldn't compare myself to Adam Lambert because he is a pop rock artist. I think I lay more in the realms of Sam Smith."

Well we hope to see and hear more from Brandon Skeie.  I forgot to ask him if the next single will be coming soon.  Maybe with our love and support, it may be here before you know it!

I told Brandon next time I am out in California, I'll have to steal him away to a photo shoot.  But until then I'll have to follow him on social media (all the info is below).  But if you are in the Big Apple this weekend, Brandon has a show at the Mercury Lounge Sunday January 24th in NYC.  You can find out more info and tickets here –

If you wish to download the song for extended play, here is a link where you can get it from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Googleplay, and Apple Music

Best of luck Brandon!

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