Brazilian Drag Queen Pabllo Vittar Released A Music Video For Netflix’s “Super Drags”

Pabllo Vittar in the music video for “Highlight” / Screenshot via YouTube

Pabllo Vittar is giving us life again.

Earlier this week, we shared with you the news that Brazilian drag queen Pabllo Vittar had become a political icon against conservative President Jair Bolsonaro. But all of that political talk hasn’t stopped Pabllo Vittar from working. In fact, she now has a new music video out in collaboration with Netflix.

In order to promote its new Drag Queen superhero animation, Netflix recently released a music video for the show’s theme song. As if watching the trailer didn’t get us excited enough, now there’s a video with Pabllo Vittar attached?

In the video for the song “Highlight,” Pabllo Vittar gets a club going as she performs initially as a cartoon caricature of herself. The real singer then appears to set it off with splits, whipped hair, and more. She then dances with the show’s characters.

Just to catch anyone up who hasn’t heard of the recently arrived Netflix series before, Super Drags follows three department store workers who double as superhero drag queens named Lemon Chiffon, Cran’s Sapphire, and Crimson Scarlet.

Pabllo Vittar makes an appearance in the series, along with two other Brazilian drag queens named Silvetty Montilla and Suzy Brazil.

In addition, the three main characters are voiced by Trixie Mattel, Ginger Minj, and Shangela.

Want to check out Super Drags? Well you can, because it’s out now on Netflix!

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