Brazilian Rapper MC Kevin Falls To His Death Sneaking Out Of Balcony

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A three-way tryst turned tragic in Rio De Janeiro days ago when 23-year-old Brazilian singer MC Kevin aka Kevin Nascimento Bueno, jumped from a hotel balcony to avoid getting caught by his wife.

Brazilian newspaper Extra Globo reports that MC Kevin, a rapper with 10.7 million Instagram followers, participated in a threesome with his close friend Victor Fontenelle and 26-year-old fashion model Bianca Domingues. The encounter took place at the Brisa Barra Hotel in Rio De Janeiro, where reportedly Kevin’s wife, Deolane Bezerra, 33, was also staying. She searched for Kevin on the property after he failed to answer her calls or return her text messages.


Bianca Domingues told authorities Kevin was afraid that his wife, a criminal lawyer, would catch him in the steamy ménage à trois. He allegedly panicked when another friend knocked on the hotel room’s door while they were having sex. Thinking it was his wife knocking, Kevin exited through the balcony and tried to jump to the room’s terrace below. 

Sadly, he missed and horrifically plummeted five floors down to his death and landed beside a swimming pool. 


According to Extra Globo, 

Bianca Domingues, 26, said she met MC Kevin, 23, and his singer friend Victor Fontenelle outside the Brisa Barra Hotel in Rio De Janeiro. Domingues said she was then invited to the popular singer’s suite Sunday evening.


Bezerra released the following heartfelt post in memory of her late husband on Instagram,

“And on that that you spoke in my ear, @Life is now until death separates us. And I am unique that just as well as we separate, we were not either for anything or anyone, being happy was our goal. How we laughed at the criticism … How did we live everything so fast? … We had to hurry to be happy, your destiny was place. You left and took a piece of me, you were always so incredible … I waited 33 years to be happy and you abandon me? It is not fair you will leave like this! It is not! It is not! My love.


Bezerra and Domingues reportedly came to blows at the police station after Kevin’s death. Still, it’s unknown if Domingues even knew Kevin was married at the time of their sexual encounter or if the two women knew each other at all prior. I don’t know if there’s a moral to this story, and it’s, of course, no laughing matter because someone did lose their life. But I will add that if you have an insatiable sexual appetite and want to have sex outside of your relationship it requires an honest conversation with your partner or spouse. Easier said than done, I know, but usually, nothing good ever will ever come from sneaking around and being found out by an unsuspecting wife or husband. No judgments here, it’s just an observation.

That said, if you ever secretly decide to sneak off for a hotel hookup outside of your relationship, make sure he’s hosting — on no higher than the first floor…just in case you gotta make a dash for the window.


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  1. One shouldn’t have to die for infidelity, but c’mon . . . your wife is at the hotel. Hopefully you left her something other than bills and trauma.

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  3. Right??? It’s terrible that this happened. If you think on a bigger level of his fear, it’s really a fear against his true nature at this stage of his life, 23, whereas he wanted freedom to explore his sexuality. This was not a time for him to be married.


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