Breaking Down The Final Four Queens Of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13!

VH1 Cast photo

Hi, fellow Drag Racers! Here we are nearing the end of what is very likely the LONGEST season of Drag Race.  The Grand Finale airs Friday, April 23rd, and superfan and Instinct writer Robert here to give you some insight, observations, and opinions on who could win the Crown and coveted title of America’s Next Drag Race Superstar!

WHO I WANT TO WIN: SYMONE – @the_symone

COME THROUGH SYMONE! Symone walked through the workroom doors like a force of nature winning challenge after challenge at the start of the competition. She turned look after look to wow the judges and establish herself as the frontrunner early on. As the competition progressed Symone lost some ground, falling into the bottom multiple times and twice having to lip-sync for her life. But she also has notched the most wins of any finalist with four. Many, myself included, feel that she was robbed of a top-three placement for her hysterical, and underrated Harriet Tubman Snatch Game performance. Coupled with her powerful “Say Their Names” runway outfit a safe placement was, well, safe. Her confidence seems to be shaky as of late, or it might be an editing trick, as Symone secured a top placement in last week’s “Henny, I Shrunk the Drag Queens!” acting challenge. If Symone can pull out a huge moment in the remaining episodes the crown is hers!


RPDR season 13 contestant Symone 


The first male transgender contestant in Drag Race herstory is thriving in this competition (Gottmik uses the pronouns she/her while in drag and he/him out of drag). Gottmik has been pushing the limits of her own drag each week and surprising herself each week. Gottmik has had numerous powerhouse fashion moments on the runway knocking the judge’s socks off. Add to that a Snatch Game win for a hilarious Paris Hilton and an almost win for the Roast challenge means Gottmik is a force to be reckoned with. With only two challenge wins compared to four for Symone and three for Rosé, Gottmik needs this last challenge win. However, we all know that mama Ru decides who stays, who goes, and who wins; and she LOVES Gottmik. Factor in the history of crowning young fashionistas with HUGE internet followings like Aquaria and Violet Chachki, Gottmik is in a very good position to win the Crown.

RPDR Season 13 contestant Gottmik


No one is as hungry or as driven as Rosé is to win the title. Bouncing back from an initial lip-sync loss and being sent to the Porkchop Loading Dock Rosé has had something to prove from day one. High placement week after week, three main challenge wins and never being in the bottom two could earn Rosé the title. Every judge, including guest judges, have remarked on her professionalism, her ability to take direction, and how easy she is to work with. RuPaul has called her “one of the best actresses the show has ever had.” Another strong week and RuPaul will be hard-pressed NOT to crown her as the winner.



Oh, Kandy Muse. While this writer does not find Kandy all that entertaining, she does have a large fan base. She also has one very huge and very important fan – RuPaul. Awarding her the double save of the season (against Symone) a fire was lit under Kandy and she clawed her way into the final four. Giving props where props are due she out-performed Olivia Lux in last week’s “Strong Enough” lip-sync. Her initial arrogance and bad attitude seem to have faded away, and she also seems well-liked by the other Queens. I have a feeling this season will culminate with a final three instead of four. Kandy is just not on the same level as the other three and will most likely be told to sashay away next.

I know I will be watching the Grand Finale on Friday, April 23rd eager to see who wins AND if ANY of my predictions are right!

So Instincters, who do YOU want to win the crown and the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar? Write #teamsymone #teamGottmik #teamRosé or #teamKandyMuse in the comment section below or on our social media.