Breaking: “Schitt’s Creek” To End After The Upcoming Sixth Season

Emerging from the pack on the new-ish Pop network, Schitt’s Creek become one of the most buzzed about television shows on television. The combination of Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara’s familiar and familial chemistry, and Dan Levy’s emergence as a national heartthrob for the cerebral set has conspired to make it following the riches to rags antics of the Rose family crucial to those that are looking to stay in the pop culture loop. As the show has progressed, so have the characters; daughter Alexis has shows signs of growth from her initial spoiled little rich girl (and one note) template, while David has gone from being one of the first pansexual characters on television to falling in love with the swoon-worthy Patrick, who as we have seen recently has some secrets of his own..


With new storylines emerging, we were clearly devastated to read this message from co-creators Eugene and Dan Levy moments ago-Schitt’s Creek is ending after it’s upcoming sixth season (filming begins shortly). While many would love to see the Rose family reclaim their fortune and go back to their extravagant (and admittedly vapid) ways, there is something endearing about their fish out of water tale, and each family member (David specifically) has blossomed as realer versions of themselves in this small town. Would it be out of the realm of possibility to see the Rose family embrace their small town reboot and thrive in Schitt’s Creek? As season five starts to wrap and season six begins filming, it will be interesting to see how each of these diverse and hilarious cast members have their stories wrapped up.

Now-who do we talk to about a full length movie (shades of “Sex and the City”) to wrap up the show?

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