Breaks At Work, Baseball Butts, Busting Moves & More

Sharing some of our favorite Instagram posts from the week…

Our favorite paleontologist, Francesc Gascó (above), took a moment to flex his furry goodness after working all day.

One of our favorite Instagram accounts reminded us that baseball is back. And when we say “back”…

Curtis Fitzgerald, Doctor of Dental Medicine, threw down some serious Salsa moves:

The Rock finished the week strong by working out “hard” – and he really means “HARD.”

Artist Indar Isaiah Smith got all cheesy for the camera:

Former Army Captain Roberto Portales crushed his “competition:”

Jim Newman sees “beautiful” things in Sao Paulo – and we do too 🙂

Olympian Tom Daley was asked to recreate a celebrity look, and he chose Harry Styles’s green boa and leather. How’d he do?

Billy Reilich says this is going to be his “mood” for the next couple of months:

Dr. Marco is getting in his zone before taking his final licensing exam. #NiceZone

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