Brendan Fraser Tells Of His Sexual Assault!

Brendan Fraser Tells Of His Sexual Assault!

The Former Golden Globes President Is Under Fire!

Please tell me you’re familiar with mega 90s hunk, Brendan Fraser? Fraser starred in many movies that have cuddled my inner-gay during my youth including Blast From The Past (with the ultra-fabulous Alicia Silverstone) and George of the Jungle, which I watched on repeat the moment I got a VHS copy simply to fawn over his incredible sculpture. Fraser was a prominent 90s leading man and has all but disappeared in the modern day. He’s a father, divorcee, whose last major credit is voice acting in a children’s movie, The Nut Job. What ever happened to Fraser, right?! By now I’d feel like he’d been a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race or something. Well, according to Fraser he’s been blacklisted from Hollywood…for reasons that fit exactly into the #MeToo movement and once again lead us into the shady past of Entertainment.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fraser is accusing former President of Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) – or the Golden Globes – Philip Berk – of sexual assault which led to his alleged blacklisting. Fraser tells in the summer of 2003, at a luncheon in Beverly Hills, Berk grabbed his rear and taint, essentially fingering him. Fraser was overcame with panic and fear. He didn’t want to come forward with his story at the time due to a fear of being shunned in Hollywood. Fraser’s representation demanded a written apology from the HFPA, where the Association agreed to never allow Berk to be in the same room as Fraser. Berk has completely denied the accusations, obviously. Who would admit that they like to diddle heterosexual men? In the end, Fraser believes this led to the fall of his acting career, as he continued to feel miserable over his interaction with Berk. He didn’t want to work anymore. He still admits he is nervous of saying something, even now, in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

So, they knew about this but didn’t do anything? Hmm. Seems Hollywood has a way of repeating themselves throughout history. Seriously, I’ve given up trying to keep count of the #MeToo stories. It’s so repulsive Hollywood has kept all of these stories hidden, let alone appears to be such a sexually charged industry where you have to essentially sell your body to get your face on film. I’m over it and am thrilled I’m living in the age of the revolution.

Arguably the face of the #MeToo movement – and one of my favorites – Rose McGowan stands by Fraser. Yesterday, she tweeted her support to him and continues her fight against the predators in Hollywood:


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