Brent Corrigan Gets Super Real on the Latest ‘Hey Qween’

The popular YouTube series Hey Qween (starring the fabulous Jonny McGovern and Lady Red Couture) will sometimes have guests on their show that aren't related to the world of drag. All-around cutie and gay porn icon (whether he wants to believe that himself or not) Brent Corrigan happens to be one of them, as they welcomed him to their colorful couch on the show's latest episode on Monday.


Brent kept it 100 percent real about many topics while on Hey Qween that will no doubt fill your tea cups up several different times for the amount of sips he provided (it was three parts overall).

This includes his discussion on why he split from Falcon Studios, the long-running gay porn company that has featured him in several of their films, as well as his in real life relationship with fellow porn star JJ Knight.

He also talked about his time with Cobra Video and the eventual murder of the studio's owner, Bryan Kocis. This also led into a discussion about the movie that was made about it all, where actor Garrett Clayton played him in the film.  Definitely worth watching each clip all the way through for what he provided throughout. 

Watch the clips here:











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