Brent Everett Expertly Shakes His Amazing Cakes

Monday's are a drag. Luckily, we have Brent Everett's amazing booty to look at as a way to end what was more than likely a very hectic and stressful day. 

Brent is one of the few gay porn stars who have been able to enjoy a massively long stay in the industry (15 years) and still be relevant to this day. What's even more incredible is that he only has roughly 40 pornographic films under his belt, where that seems to be the average that the newer stars do per month nowadays. Very impressive.

What's also impressive is Brent's booty, which he expertly displayed on his Instagram Monday morning. The humor in all of this is that he's dancing around to Katy Perry's song "Bon Appetit", which is quite fitting for what he has to offer.



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