Brian Sims is Having a Hot Guys Summer and We’re Jealous

Credit, Brian Sims Instagram

Brian Sims: inspiration, fearless, outspoken, amazing politician, legendary bear, the list goes on and on.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives Democratic member appears to be living his best life in the warmer months, so much so that he might as well be having a “Hot Guys Summer.” This term is in reference to “Hot Girls Summer” that was coined by rapper Megan Thee Stallion earlier this year.


She told The Root that the phrase is about “women — and men — having a good-a– time, hyping up your friends, doing you and not giving a damn what anybody has to say about it.”

This looks to be accurate based on how much fun Brian, 40, is having with a variety of folk on his amazing journeys he has taken thus far.

Let’s take a deeper dive into Brian’s furry and not so furry adventures this summer.


Climbing in a blue tank top. Woof.


Showing off his amazing body in Fire Island next to a cute guy.

Partying in Provincetown, Massachusetts for Bear Week with thousands of other hot and hairy dudes.


Celebrating World Pride in New York City with millions of other people. 


Enjoying Pride in Philly with this colorful and adorable duo.


Cuddling with his cute pooch in the Gayborhood of Philly.

Staying sexy while educating his thousands of followers on HIV Prevention Day. 


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  1. Brian Sims behavior this spring at Planned Parenthood was reprehensible, and Sims should not be receiving this coddling and adulation. He certainly can be the bully when he disagrees with someone – so no all caring gay wonderman is he…


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