Bride & Prejudice: Mother Rejects Gay Son On His Wedding Day.

We were all heartbroken when we asked the question Could You Be Happy Without Your Parents Approval? (and then got the answer) Bride & Prejudice: Parents Say No To Attending Son's Gay Wedding . The story of Chris and Grant dealing with Chris's parental units saying no to attending their own son's wedding.  If you missed it, head over and watch the Channel 7 clips from Bride & Prejudice. 

Chris's soon to be in-laws break the news that his parents will not be attending. Tissues at the ready.



Just like a rollercoaster, there was another twist and hill before the ride was over.  Chris's mother decided to send her gay son a video message on his wedding day.

Her entire message said:

“Hi Chris, it’s just Mum talking to you today because Dad actually found this all a little too overwhelming. Just as you are hurting, so are we. I’m really sorry if you thought you weren’t loved or that we weren’t proud of you when you were a young boy. I thought I knew you, I felt very close to you at that time, and I loved you, and I loved you very dearly… and I still do Chris. It wasn’t until you were about 20-21 that we came to understand that you were starting to live a homosexual life. We tried to stay in your life as much as we could, considering our strong views on the subject.

I know a lot of people today think they’re outdated and old fashioned, but they’re something we value and hold dearly. We’re pretty strong on how we feel about the situation and we also know what you want us to be able to give you – which is acceptance of your personal life choices – and Chris, we can’t. But in saying that, we do want to know how well you’re doing, and that you’re well, and that you’re ok. But for now, Chris you really are about to do something that we find really hard to accept, which is to have a wedding ceremony. I hold marriage very sacred so I can’t give you that acceptance or be part of that part of your life. That part of your life is just not compatible with ours but your life is yours to live as you see fit.

We want you to know that we do love you, and we want you to keep well. And… yeah, that’s really all I’ve got to say at this stage. I love you and keep well. Bye.” –

Would you give the biggest Bye Felicia to your mom after receiving this message on your wedding day?

Chris is either a better man than most of us, or he is in denial, or he is trying to shade his mother's outdated-ness from the other wedding guests.  During the ceremony as his now husband Grant looks on, Chris says:

We wish the best for the new couple.  We desire them to have a life together void of regrets.  Go forth and live as the happy gay couple you are.

How would you have responded to your mother if she did that? 

h/t:  Buzzfeed, Channel 7

4 thoughts on “Bride & Prejudice: Mother Rejects Gay Son On His Wedding Day.”

  1. When I came out to my mother

    When I came out to my mother at age 28, after dating women in high school & college, she refused to speak to me for (5) years. I told myself if she ever asked me directly, I would tell her the truth. My father passed during my coming out period, and even though I am an only child, she had nothing to do with me. As time has gone on, I reached out to her, and brought her back into my life. I have been with my life partner for 20+ years now… she visits us, loves him, buys him birthday & Christmas presents, enjoys family gatherings with his family, but still refuses to acknowledge we are a couple. Although all of our family & friends know we are a couple, she introduces him to everyone as "my friend". When she visits us, I sleep in the guest room, out of respect for her. She's 85, will never change, and the situation works for us. My partner & I are registered domestic partners, and do plan to eventually marry, but not until she passes. Many feels it's wrong for us to wait, however, we both want a large wedding with numerous family & friends – a true celebration party – and could not do that, honestly, if she were alive & not a part of it. I find it in very poor taste for Chris's mother to send him the video on his actual wedding day, however, we send our congratulations & best wishes to Chris & Grant from Sacramento!  


    • I congratulate you on your

      I congratulate you on your partnership with your man but a parent who refers to my boyfriend/ partner as a friend in my view is unacceptable also unacceptable is my sleeping in a guest room in my own house when she is over 

      my house my rules is how I see it 

      I understand her views which I respect but the world has changed and you should be able to marry when you want to marry even if she is still living 

      if she loves you she would be there for your wedding regardless of her views 


  2. I’m glad my father and his

    I'm glad my father and his partner accept me for me. I'm glad my mom is fiercely supportive of me.

    They also raised me to be strong enough to stand on my own. I'd probably have said something like "have a nice life" to that "mum" and "dad."


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