‘Bridgerton’ Showrunner Jess Brownell on S3’s Queer Love Story Plans

Jess Brownell is now ‘Bridgerton’s showrunner after taking over the role from series creator Chris Van Dusen, and she reportedly has plans involving queer storylines.

The show’s spinoff ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ introduced ‘Bridgerton’-verse’s first gay love story, featuring attendants Brimsley and Reynolds, who are portrayed by Sam Clemmett and Freddie Dennis, respectively.

Their story, however, was a side plot, and we are hoping to see more major queer storylines in the series’ future. It looks like we’re about to see it come to fruition, as Brownell told Pride:


“This is a show about love in its many forms and I think that it’s only right for us to foreground queer love and to tell queer stories. I want to see more queer joy on my screens and that was definitely a priority for me when I stepped into the showrunner role.”

“How exactly that plays out over this season and the next couple seasons, I can’t say specifically, but I will say I’m excited for fans to see that,” she further expressed.


Moreover, the stars of ‘Bridgerton’ are also looking forward to having more LGBTQ+ representation in the show. In fact, Nicola Coughlan, who is playing the role of Penelope Featherington, told the outlet:

“I’m desperate for it. I cannot wait. I think it will be so beautiful […] I hope that in time we get a leading queer love story in this show.”


In a December 2023 interview with Bustle, Jonathan Bailey, who is portraying the character of Lord Anthony Bridgerton, also expressed:

“I’m always hopeful for inclusion in that way. There’s so much that Bridgerton has achieved in storytelling, and there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that with the brilliance of Shondaland, everyone’s gonna see themselves in the story at some point, I’m sure.”

The first part of ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 is set to be available for streaming on Netflix on May 16 and part 2 will premiere on June 13.

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