‘Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey Seductively Dances with Angel Wings

It is no news that many people admire and thirst over the hottie that is Jonathan Bailey, and he’s recently set the internet ablaze with one single video clip…

(c) Instagram: @jbayleaf / @orlebarbrown / @jasonhetheringtonstudio

In the video, the 35-year-old English actor is looking V sexy in a simple white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, showing his toned arms. His shirt, which has a simple black text that says, “drink your milk,” was paired with sage green pants and colorful loafers with paint speckles.


And to top it all off, Bailey was wearing a majestic white and flowy pair of angel wings. Here’s the thing, he looks that hot and decided to dance seductively while flashing his charming smile, as well as giving an intense gaze.

Luxury fashion brand Loewe’s creative director Jonathan Anderson shared the video via Instagram Story, and it was, of course, reposted by his fan page. The comments section is filled with admiration and thirst for the ‘Bridgerton’ actor, and here are some of the netizens’ sentiments:

“This man is so unbelievably sexy and adorable,” @susheelavarky wrote.

“God I am so gay,” @harshvardhanbhaskar commented.

“Every time he pops up on my reels I need to remind myself that he’s gay,” @trangnani expressed.

“I was supposed to be a gay man tbh,” @nadia.kiely also wrote.

You can watch the video here 😉

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