British Army Forum Wonders If It’s Gay to Wear a Face Mask

Just when we thought we’d seen everything on the internet, a few guys on one site reminded us just how stupid (and sensitive) some straight men can be.

This weekend, we were roaming the internet when we ran across an online forum with a thread asking, “Is it gay to wear a face mask?”

This question was asked on a UK website called Army Rumour Service, which calls itself the “unofficial voice of the British Army.”

Keep in mind, the post dates back to 2015, but it was so crazy and silly that we had to share it.

This post was started by a user under the name “Dashing Chap.”


I was chatting to one of my mates down the pub the other day and he said his missus bought a few of those face mask things from Superdrug. The Manuka honey peel-off style to be precise… Anyway, he said that she was saying how good they were for the skin and next thing ya know he's giving it a go too.

Now, the question arises regarding male moisturising technique. How can you tell if you're going a bit too far? Has my friend turned into a closet screamer for wearing a face mask and trying to look pretty or is this something other modern men do too?

How far can a man go with personal cleansing before he's considered a rampant ducky?

Bearing in mind, of course, the unnamed General who supposedly had plastic surgery for purely aesthetic benefits to his physiognomy.”

Its clear the man who penned this post has some masculinity issues that he has to deal with. Not only does he write this post that shows how fragile his worldview and confidence is, but he uses plenty of offensive terms for being gay to boot.

Sadly, he was in good company as several of the responses were just as crude.

 “Any man that does that kind of s*** is a screaming Hermer,” said one responder.

“Even if it's a queen homo crouched over your mouth and nose, pre-emptively warning, whilst you willingly participated in a non-aggressive one man (submissive) version of the Human Centipede?” said anther, creative but flawed, commenter.

Seriously, if they turned to creative writing and not writing filth online, they could make a killing.

But not all the comments were bad:

“A few years ago I had a facial as a birthday present, courtesy of the then current girlfriend. Posh male grooming salon place in Covent Garden. Didn't really do much for me, and even less when the salon appeared in a write up in GQ or Esquire or equivalent a day or two later, with "my" salon beautician doing a sack, back and crack job on the reporter.”

What some of these posters don’t seem to realize is that guys – straight, gay, bi, or whatever else– have been putting on masks for some time now and they work. Some of the best face masks for men take years off their faces.

This behavior, along with several others involving self-care, falls under the larger umbrella of men’s grooming.

Sad to see how these straight men are all about manscaping but when it comes to talk about making your mug more attractive, they start getting all homophobic. And it’s sad that there are men like this hiding away in their online corners with homophobic sticks up their butts (how’s that for irony?).

So, we guess our point is this, just because a guy takes care of himself doesn’t mean he is “gay,” and just because a guy is “masculine” doesn’t mean he isn’t sensitive.

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