‘British Bake Off’s John Whaite Responds to Complaint on Shirtless Pic

John Whaite received criticism after posting a shirtless photo, and he recently addressed it via a lengthy statement on his Instagram Story.

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On his response post, the 34-year-old English baker shared a screenshot of the message, which reads:


“This is why I stopped following you, don’t want to see your body (nice as it is) […] 1 less follower!”

Meanwhile, Whaite admitted that he deleted his shirtless Instagram Story after receiving the criticism because he felt “ashamed and guilty for being a show off/self-indulgent.” However, he had a positive realization overnight, which led him to be just unapologetically himself.

“Then I realized overnight that this person is only willing to accept a version of me that they deem suitable. Well, I’m done offering “versions” of myself to please other people,” The Great British Bake Off’ Season 3 winner wrote.

He continued,


“I’m a proud baker, a proud businessman, a proud weightlifter, a proud amateur guitarist, a proud husband, a proud son, a proud uncle. I am many different things to many people, but I’ll never be one single thing.”

Whaite then concluded by sharing some wise words from his mother. <3

“As my wise mum always says: you can’t have bits of people, you accept them for all they are, or not at all,” the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ star expressed.

You can see Whaite’s full Instagram Story here:

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