British Diver Tom Daley Launches Video Journal On His Journey To The 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games

British Diver Tom Daley launches video journal on his journey to the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 (Photo Credit: Screenshot from video on Daley’s Official YouTube Channel)

Like every other Olympic athlete in the world, British diver Tom Daley’s plan to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was put on hold because of the coronavirus global pandemic.  The quadrennial worldwide games in Japan were postponed for a year with no definite guarantee that it will take place.

However, this is not stopping Daley and the rest of the British diving team from restarting the long road of training in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.  On his YouTube channel, Daley has started his Daley Diaries which he explains in the first video of the series is a video diary for his journey to the Tokyo Olympic Games.  In the description for the first week, ‘And So It Begins…!|Daley Diaries Week 1/49,’ it is explained that the video is week 1 of 49.


“This is my first week back of training,” Daley explains in the video, “and I have 49 weeks to go until the Olympics are over, so this is week one out of 49.”

Daley elaborates the Daley Diaries are a way to share with his followers what is going on with his life and his training.  Daley also adds that shifting to this format allows him to concentrate best on the Olympic Games.

Additionally, Daley shares how the British diving team is taking the necessary precautions during the pandemic:

“It’s completely different.  Everything has to be socially distanced. When we enter the pool, we have to have our temperatures checked. We have a symptom checklist.  We have our own stations. We’re not allowed to share equipment and diving, we all have to be on different stations in the pool. I can do synchro with Matty (Daley’s diving partner) because we stack the boards three meters wide and we stand two meters apart.”


You can watch the first week of Daley Diaries below and find the following weeks on Daley’s YouTube channel as they are released.

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Source: Tom Daley Official YouTube Channel


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