British Singer/Songwriter MNEK Talks Writing Lyrics For Madonna, Beyoncé, & BTS

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Despite only now being on the rise as a solo singer, British talent MNEK has been working in the music industry for more than a decade.


Before he released his debut album Language last year, MNEK was working as a songwriter for big names like Madonna, Beyoncé, BTS, Bastille, Little Minx, and more.

But now that MNEK is trying to work in front of the camera, he’s sharing his work experiences from the past decade.

Talking to Billboard, MNEK notes how he titled his debut album Language because he was learning the language of how to be a black, gay artist.

“All of this is stuff you learn, and that I’m currently still learning,” he said. “I think that this was the first chance for me to explore that. And on the flip side, it’s a chance for people to understand me.”


MNEK also noted how working with hit artists like BTS and Beyoncé gave him an idea of how to succeed as a singer.


The singer/songwriter mentioned that he was starstruck when he first met Beyoncé.

"I was kind of downplaying it the entire day,” he said. “But then she stepped through and said ‘Hey,’ and I was like ‘Wait … Oh, OK, hi!’”

MNEK also noted how working with BTS on their song “Paradise” made him realize the importance of message behind pretty music.

"I had written a completely different song, right?" he said. "It was completely different lyrics — they changed it to like a self-help song. The originally theme I talked about was much bitchier."


"They're all so sweet and all really polite," he then added.

You can check out MNEK’s full interview with Billboard below.

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